Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1 Year Post Op Appt

It's been 1 year and 1 month to the date since my RPAO, and today I had my 1 year follow up appointment. 2 days ago I had a very unusual pain in my outer hip while teaching a class. It felt as it something had chipped off, hurting so badly that I couldn't put pressure on my leg for a few minutes. My doc thinks it was just a muscle spasm and nothing related to the joint. Thank goodness for that! And I was so please that this spasm decided to happen prior to my appointment rather than after!!

I was also told that if I want more kids to go for it and that no special considerations need to be done for my hip. So that was also good news. I sometimes worry as the hips really change during pregnancy with the joints loosening up and such.

And I told him that my good hip is calming down from all the extra work I put it through last year, but I'm mindful of the activities I do being careful not to irritate it. I pray I never have to go through this again!

So that's it! I go back in a year. What a difference a year makes.