Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pain Killer Over Kill!

Having screws removed is a 15 minute procedure, so why all the heavy prescribed drugs?! I was given Fentanyl in the hospital and then sent home with a script for Percocet. Yes I realize that I was cut open a couple of inches and had three screws removed, but I think all these drugs are overkill and have left me with a 6 day headache (not to mention being sick to my stomach from the one Percocet I took for the car ride home.) Looking back at my first scope with 2 tears repaired, I only ever took 2 Vicodin and then resorted to Advil. What I found weird is that when the resident came in to write the script I told him I'd be fine with some strong Motrin, and he still wrote the script for Percocet. Just another situation that proves you know yourself best and to listen to your instincts.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I always thought I had 4 screws, turned out it was only 3.


I am officially screw-less at last! It's so nice to have those pesky little suckers out, as they always rubbed along the waist band of my pants. After examining the screws myself, I now understand why they did that as they have a rounded head, not flat like a drywall screw. I'll have to post some pics.

Yesterday marked the third time I was put under for my hip since Feb 08. The good news was there was no anxiety on my part going into surgery; knowing it would be a quick, harmless procedure, and I had been through MUCH worse put my mind at ease. It did end up being a longer day then I expected, as I was there for 6 hours. The doc was running behind schedule, but my motto is "if you want the best, then it's worth waiting for', plus my dad & I got to catch the replay of Game 7 Red Wings vs. Ducks which we were planning on re-watching that night at home. So everything worked out for the best.

The procedure was quick, only 15 minutes or so. But I still needed a good hour+ in recovery. When I came to, I know I was still out of it but for some reason felt I had to prove to myself that I was coherent enough to have a conversation and proceeded to talk the ear off of the poor guy that was watching over me. It was kind of like one of those drunken situations where the drunk thinks he's fine as he's slurring all over the place (especially after I was given a dose of Fentanyl.) Reminds me of that Joe Namath interview:

Anyways, the procedure was a piece of cake. What did surprise me is how sick I was on the painkiller Percocet, to the point of being physically sick (which is a first in this whole ordeal.) But after a rough night I realize that I do not need any strong painkillers. I'm getting around on my own, although a little slow. I expect to be feeling much better in a couple of days. Doc said to take it easy for 2 weeks, and that the holes in my bones will heal in 4 weeks.