Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hip Girls!

What would we do without our 'Hip Girls?!' Or at least the internet with so much information on PAOs and such. It's the first place everyone hits after being told they're in need of having their hip cut out and repositioned, and by the way you'll be down and out for 8 weeks. In my journey it seems like each women finds at least one story to latch on to and follow. I know I did, and I had the opportunity recently to meet my hip idol and have a couple of beers. Of course we talked hips, but what was even better is that we've both moved on from hips and have our lives back!! I can't thank her enough though for answering my questions in my time of distress. It's nice to have someone to lean on! I know I've also been that point person for a couple of other ladies that have contacted me (turns out I even worked with one years back!) I'm glad I started the blog because I know how scary the process can be, and just to have someone's story to reference is nice. Although each person's experience is so different.