Monday, October 26, 2009

Massaging the Scar Tissue

OMG, can I just say "OUCH!" I had my scar worked on today by a massage therapist, and boy does that hurt. The skin literally had adhered to the bone, and it hurts like a banshee to have someone apply pressure to it, let alone force. She told me to keep working it. Problem is that the most I can stomach from myself is just applying some oil and lightly rubbing it in. It's hard to inflict pain on one's self. I can feel the heat coming off of it right now, and it's been 5 hours.

Monday, October 12, 2009

No so fast . . .

I'm suppose to be merrily going about my business at this stage of the game, but for the past 4 days my hip is constantly on my mind and has me wondering 'What is going on?!' Out of the blue I've been having pain in the groin area, the same general area where the cartilage was originally torn. It started when I knelt down to kiss my son one day, and is now most prevalent when I pivot. I've also had the sharp electric like shocks pinging me along my outer hip, so maybe the nerves are still trying to reconnect? I can only hope. In spite of this, I did manage to play some golf over the weekend, I figured if it's gonna tear, then it's gonna tear. But of course, that is the worst thing that could happen. Hopefully I'm worried about nothing and the hip calms down--the sooner the better!