Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Years Out

Wow, it's already been 3 years since my RPAO. Funny thing is, that this post could be identical to what I wrote in my second year anniversary post. Taught a water class, went to work, hung out with my kid--just another day. I hardly ever reference my hips anymore, except when I have a new face in class. Then I feel like I have to explain why I do more coaching than jumping around, which usually ends up with comparing myself to an old golden retriever.

Nothing really too exciting to report, which is a good thing!! It's nice to be able to put years of hip problems behind me and get on with life.

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Brian said...

I just have to give you mad props for sticking with your blog for three whole years. So many blogs are started and abandoned. Make sure you have personal copies of all your entries - years from now you will undoubtedly want to read through all this again!